Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kick tires, not ads

My dear friend and adman extraordinaire Allan Rosenberg, may he rest in peace, used to ask his unsuspecting clients, “Did you notice how many tire ads were in the paper today?” “Of course not”, they would always say. “That’s because you’re not shopping for tires today”, would be his standard reply.

The wisdom of that remark is simple and profound. If you sell tires for a living, you better have an ad for tires somewhere everyday. Because everyday someone, somewhere blows a tire then immediately starts looking for good deals on tires. 

Of course today, finding the right place for your tire ad becomes a daunting task. web, radio, newspaper, cable TV, tire spam. But the truth remains. If your tire customer doesn’t know you are there with tires to sell, you are probably not going to sell any tires. 

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